Our Sustainability Promise 

With each engagement you are assigned a “SUSTAINABILITY PARTNER” whose primary responsibility is to monitor the engagement team’s progress by liaising and focusing the team on the most crucial business problems and opportunities in your organization and work with your executive team to ensure the BusinessOne Strategic Framework™ is instilled your organization’s strategy management and organizational processes. This guarantees that everyone is aligned with the objectives of delivering sustained, tangible value focused on results.

OUR FOCUS IS ON YOU – As a trusted partner we continually work with you to augment your leadership or management team during and after any engagement to ensure that the organizational structure, governance process, and management behaviors are being sustained in your organization.

Our “Sustainability Promise” is based on our BusinessOne partnership guarantee and shared objectives with you. We will formally conduct audits with your leadership team to ensure you are on track to achieving your target objectives. This consists of participating or reviewing your annual strategic objectives and augmenting Quarterly or Monthly Performance Review meetings to ensure you are on target with your performance. We will also train new members of your leadership and management teams on the new model.

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