culture and change

Culture Change

Culture Values Assessment and Organizational Alignment

Our team of consultants will help you understand the current state of your organization’s culture to define a pathway to evolve the culture to enable a high-performing organization. The approach to culture assessment and transformation is performance focused, analyzing and defining cultural values that have been proven to create shared purpose and enable bottom-line business performance.

We are affiliated with the Barrett Values Centre as CTT Certified Consultants and leverage the Barrett’s Values Cultural Transformation Tools to help leaders identify and understand how various aspects of their organizational culture and values help or hinder their ability to achieve their strategic objectives.

We help to quantify your culture and define the core values that matter most to your organization.

We will:

  • Work with you to identify the scope of assessment (organization, leadership team, division/function, partner, acquisition, community or individual)
  • Customize the survey and approach
  • Administer the survey to your target audience
  • Provide statistical analysis of the data and tabulate the results
  • Provide an Executive Brief on key findings based on entropy from current to desired state
  • Provide specific recommendations to enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Work with you to develop a Cultural Transformation Roadmap
  • Facilitate workshops and Employee Journey Mapping
  • Provide leader, team and individual coaching

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Coaching and Facilitation

In order for organizational transformation to be sustainable, the CEO and the Executive Team need to role model any desired change in behaviour first. Therefore, an integral part of our work is coaching the CEO, Executive Team as well as senior management to change behaviour and embrace new ways of working.

Our consultants have a proven record in supporting culture change, collaboration efforts, working groups, and self-directed teams.  We build and facilitate the integration of cross-functional teams designed to optimize the talents, experience, and organizational knowledge of each team member.  Wherever initiatives are on the change continuum we have the skills to provide individual and organizational facilitation to support, align and enable executives and their teams to endorse, support and actively promote leader led transformation efforts.


Change Enablement and Adoption 

Change is never easy but we can help you to help you become an agile organization. Our approach to change is based on proven methodologies and best practices to ensure adoption and maintain momentum.  Working collaboratively with your leaders, we will quickly assess your organization to Prepare, Enable and Build Change Competency to foster an environment of continuous improvement.

Our Organizational Change Management Advisory Services consist of three phases and service offerings and our workshops can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

We assess specific aspects of your business and identify and design strategies to unlock new sources of advantage while advising you in managing the change.

Preparing for Change – We assist you in conducting an environmental scan of the organization and facilitating an executive workshop to identify the drivers for and the barriers to change to align executives to address the “burning platform.”

Enabling Change – We help to enable the execution of an organization’s strategic initiatives by providing a change execution framework for sponsors, managers and project teams implementing change initiatives. We work closely with executives and project team members to assess organizational impacts, develop a collective vision of the desired end state, articulate benefits, identify and facilitate risk mitigation and define implementation, impact and effectiveness measures. We will develop and implement a Change Management Strategy and Plan to bridge the gap from the current state to the future state, which will address impacted stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the change imperative.

Building Change Capability and Competency – We transfer and build internal change knowledge, competency and capability in the organization through the implementation of a change framework, monitoring and evaluation process to ensure benefits realization from corporate investments. This will foster an environment of continuous improvement. Our familiarity with several change management methodologies allow us to tailor a framework and embed competency and capability in your organization.

Our approach to change is based on behavioural science and proven practices which are supported through our change enablement and adoption platforms. These platforms help clients increase adoption rates through targeted communication and interactive content to promote reinforcement, recall and retention.


  • One platform
  • One approach
  • Easy integration
  • Quick deployment
  • Multiple areas of focus and application

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Strategy Execution and Operational Excellence

Our focus is on strategy execution and process efficiencies that are measurable and critical for operational excellence. Learning, modifying and adapting processes, systems and human capital is a key component to an organization’s growth and maturity to meet the needs of the market and the business environment. Our services focus on several offerings which provide the foundation for business transformation. They include:

  • Organizational Maturity Assessments
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Capability Roadmaps
  • Management of Strategic Initiatives
  • Implementation of Target Operating Models