What Makes Us Different

We not only bring our clients insight and unconventional thinking to help formulate strategies and respond to change – we bring strategy to life.

Our focus is on you as the customer and becoming “A TRUSTED PARTNER AND ADVISOR.”  We don’t work for you but work alongside your executive teams to define and implement the required changes, capabilities and solutions to plan and execute your strategic vision.

We are comprised of a network of senior professionals and consultants who work both independently and collectively with organizations to address a variety of strategic needs. The company is fluid, with teams being assembled as required to meet the specific needs of each engagement. Our consulting team is comprised only of skilled professionals with proven experience in a given field of expertise which includes strategy formulation and implementation, organizational change and transformation and IT Advisory.

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Our Approach and Methodology

Our proprietary approach to assessing Organizational Maturity is based on the BusinessOne MAP™. We conduct a current state analysis of an organization against five levels of maturity, to develop a unique capability roadmap for clients to improve their organizational performance and build a sustainability model for operating today and into the future.

By focusing on five key pillars of the “Noble Enterprise Model” we partner with you to create an environment for sustainable competitive advantage. This includes assessing, planning, evaluating and prioritizing strategic initiatives and enabling technologies to help you catapult your business forward.

  • Business Leadership and Strategy
  • Business Operations and Governance
  • Human Capital
  • Business Relationships
  • Business Performance, Collaboration and Innovation

Learn about our proprietary approach to Assessing Organizational Maturity.