Culture and Values Assessment

The work we do enables organizations to not only develop and set the culture it desires, but to constantly measure its current state and progress toward its goal. When you measure your culture, you can manage it.

Culture and values are the cornerstone of our everyday lives and organizational culture is a reflection of the values, beliefs and behaviours of an organization’s leaders. As CTT Certified Consultants, we use the tools and resources from the Barrett Values Centre to support our clients in their personal, leadership and cultural transformation. The tools define an actionable road map that becomes an integral part of a leader’s personal development plan and helps define a company’s roadmap for continuous improvement and high performance.

The tools, based on an innovative set of assessments, was developed in 1997 and have been used to measure the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 80 countries. They help foster the transformation of corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools, and nations. The tools, based on the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, are available in over 50 languages and allow an organization to measure the alignment of leaders and employee’s personal values against the existing culture of the organization, and those of the current organizational culture against the desired culture.

In a time of change, we believe that organisations, teams, schools, nations, and communities function better when leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures that benefit people and society.

See this video to learn more about the importance of culture and values.

Personal Values Assessment

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