Together we can match the pace of change and do great things for the future.

Message from the Founder

As the pace of change accelerates, so does the need for collaboration, accountability, information and innovation. The world is on the verge of the greatest era of change that business has ever experienced – fueled by a monumental shift into the digital age. We are surrounded by rapidly changing external influencers, advancing technologies and 24×7 connectivity which all impact and influence customer sentiment and engagement. While the challenges may at first seem somewhat daunting, there has never been more opportunity!

Our models, tools, and insights are helping organizations and their leaders find ways to create new levels of agility and competitiveness to enable them to not only survive, but to thrive. The potential for business is immense and now is the time to plan and execute new strategies, embrace innovation, fund transformation, drive cultural change and create an agile organization which can adapt and succeed in the future.

Our clients allow us to see into their future with them and help them pave the path forward.

Our partners and associates help us in our endeavor to increase and deliver superior knowledge and expertise to our valued customers. We aim to create and deliver the essential advantage our customers and client’s need to stay ahead and create a strategic impact within their people, business & communities.

I truly believe we have created a unique value proposition rooted in best practices, accountability and continuous improvement. We welcome your interest and look forward to working with your company.

Together, we can match the pace of change and equip each other for the future.

Dana Saltern, Founder, BusinessOneCorporation