organizational maturity assessment

Organizational Maturity Assessment 

Our Organizational Maturity Assessment Program (BusinessOne MAP™) is based on conducting a current assessment of your organization today to prepare and enable it tomorrow to manage organizational change and operational effectiveness as a continuous, evolutionary process towards innovation.  It is modeled after the Malcolm Baldridge Performance Excellence Criteria, Organizational Change Management Maturity Model, Program Management Maturity Model, the Kaplan & Norton Strategy Management Framework and best practice processes.

The program can either be conducted on-site or virtually.

Our team partners with you to first understand and evaluate your current environment to benchmark your company’s organizational and/or digital maturity against others and identify opportunities for improvement. This assessment results in a report identifying key areas of focus which leads to the development of a Strategic Capability Roadmap for Change and Transformation.

Is your organization characterized with any of these external or internal indicators, which require a Case for Change?

  • Grid-locked organization
  • Declining marketshare
  • Stagnant industry growth
  • Low employee morale
  • Siloed business units
  • Lack of business processes
  • “Broken” Infrastructure
  • Rising operational costs

If so let us help. Our objective is to help you to:

• Create effective management processes for “getting the job done”
• Remove grid-lock to promote collaboration and action through organizational alignment and accountability
• Turn around a declining or stagnant business unit or operation
• Create sustainable competitive advantage – and long term profitable growth through process improvement and digital initiatives
• Turn a low morale, underperforming organization into a winner through culture change, employee engagement and enterprise performance management initiatives

Our Approach

Our proprietary approach to assessing Organizational Maturity is based on the BusinessOne MAP™. We conduct a current state analysis of an organization against the five levels of maturity and our assessment criteria, to develop a unique capability roadmap for clients to improve their organizational performance and build a sustainability model for the future.

We offer clients a comprehensive analysis of the important strategic dimensions of their company, and then help them decide where to focus time and resources.

By focusing on the five pillars of the “Noble Enterprise Model” we partner with you to create your “Maturity Assessment Program” for sustainable competitive advantage. This includes assessing, planning, evaluating and prioritizing strategic initiatives to help you catapult your business forward to become an agile, innovation organization. The following five pillars are the keys to successful transformation.

  • Business Leadership and Strategy
  • Business Operations and Governance
  • Human Capital
  • Business Relationships
  • Business Performance, Collaboration and Innovation

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