Strategic Management Health Assessment

Benchmarking Strategy Management Best Practices

Our strategy advisors provide advisory consulting and education on strategic planning as we evaluate your existing strategic planning and performance management processes. Your current strategic planning & governance processes will be assessed and compared to best practice to identify gaps and implement changes.

The assessment is conducted over 2 days and includes a session with your senior leaders and managers to understand your current practices to identify any gaps and help you move forward. Our objective is to review and educate you on best practices in strategy formulation and implementation. This includes strategy mapping, the balanced scorecard framework, cascading objectives, leading and lagging indicators, change management and communications and scorecard automation tools. The outcome will be a draft strategy map for the organization. We provide some examples to get you started and work on the development of a Strategy Map for the organization to set you on a path forward.

If desired, assistance developing a roadmap for the full implementation of a strategy management framework and system can be provided.

The assessment is conducted over two full days. Travel expenses and per diem are extra and are billed at cost.

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