Problem Solving: The Right Data for the Right Question

The Vision to Value (V2V) community has just released a powerful new Best Practices report titled ” Problem Solving: The Right Data for the Right Question.”

The report was co-created from the contributions of 15 Canadian experts: analytics practitioners, suppliers, academics, and others who rely on fact-based decision making. It contains insight and guidance to anyone who is looking to improve the practice of analytics and big data competency in their organization.

The report is structured in three main parts.

The first, “Challenge 1: the right question, or the right data?” explores issues in translating domain questions into data science questions, and in weighing client objectives against available evidence.

The second, “The right data: quality and completeness” examines the roles that domain expertise and data science play in ensuring that data is aligned with the business question.

The third section, “Best practice advice,” contains examples and explanations on eight issues that are important to analytics success.

Access and download the report Problem Solving: The Right Data for the Right Question using code “DSV2V2.”



Author: Michael O’Neil, InsightaaS

This best practice report is based on the premise that problem solving is a function of obtaining ‘the right data’ to answer ‘the right question’. Inherent in the title statement is the assumption that organizations seeking information are able to identify appropriate questions and data sets, and to use data science to develop the insights needed to deliver answers needed by the business to make informed decisions; this in turn requires expertise in structuring questions that are both important to the business and answerable with analytics, and depth in finding and using data that is clean, relevant and complete. In the “Problem solving: the right data for the right question” working group research meeting, the V2V community dug into how this process can and should be managed to deliver best results.

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