IoValue: Intelligence in Community Ecosystems

The IoT Coalition of Canada has just published an insightful new Best Practices report titled “IoValue: Intelligence in Community Ecosystems.”

The report was co-created based on the input and experience of 15 Canadian professionals: IoT practitioners, suppliers, academics, and others who rely on understanding new models and practices in IoT adoption and deployment. It contains insight and guidance for key stakeholders looking to identify “IoValue” in their organizations, in their communities, and for their constituents.

The report is structured in four main parts.

The first section explores definition and context, helping readers understand the role that IoT can play in an evolving, intelligent community landscape.

The second considers business objectives – why implement IoT, and how to align the technology with outcomes that deliver broad value to multiple constituents.

The third section, the “best practices” section considers implementation challenges, and the new models that are evolving to help communities define need, develop strategic plan, fund projects, and partner in new ways to build on implementation successes.

The final section addresses milestones and metrics: how do communities manage intelligent IoT roll out, what are the steps along the way, and what KPIs can be put in place to ensure value driven outcomes?

Access and download the report IoValue: Intelligence in Community Ecosystems using code “DSAIoTICE” and contact us to discuss how your organization can embrace and adopt IoT as a strategic enabler.



Author: Mary Allen, InsightaaS

This best practice report is based on the premise that IoT offers unique promise to improve the operation of urban infrastructure, to improve the environmental performance of cities, to build new citizen services, and to stimulate regional economic development. Inherent in the title statement is the assumption that real value in IoT deployment will be won only through development of a collaborative approach that engages all stakeholders in strategic and tactical planning, and which relies on the creation of new types of partnerships involving government, administration, vendors and other technology experts, academics, technology accelerators, entrepreneurs and citizens in solutions that address the interests of community more broadly. In the IoValue: Intelligence in Community Ecosystems working group research meetings, the IoTCC community explored how this process can and should be managed to deliver best results.

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