Noble Leadership In the Values Driven Economy

The new frontier of competitive advantage today is Cultural Capital. We are excited to announce a strategic research project with our partner to gain the insights and knowledge of 40 successful CEOs who transcended the old leadership paradigm and led their organizations to new levels of consciousness and success by harnessing the energy and strengths within their people.

The research and the book consists of a survey of CEOs, both men and women, from all major religious faiths, from large and small companies in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.


The right values, the right mindset and the right skills can create a sense of “shared purpose” to organizationally thrive in today’s agile world.

Please contact us to:

  1. Recommend a Noble Leader to include in the project.
  2. Volunteer to be included in the Survey.
  3. Become a Sponsor.
  4. Invite us to speak about the project.

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