Canadian and US Consulting Firms Partner to Foster Sustainable Peak Performance for Client Companies

November 11th, 2011 ~Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Two consulting firms, one a Canadian firm providing strategic consulting services and the other a firm in the Boston area providing management consulting and executive education services, are teaming up to provide an innovative suite of advisory services to enhance corporate performance.

Toronto-based BusinessOne Corporation and Maine-based Noble Advisors LLC will combine their resources and expertise to serve Canadian and U.S. clients with a comprehensive set of services for creating sustainable business capability and performance. This new collaboration will operate initially under the BusinessOne banner in Canada, and under the Noble Advisors banner in the U.S.

danaIts creators see it as a catalyst for helping mid-size and large corporations stay abreast of changing market demands and changing management technologies, explained Dana Saltern, founder and president of BusinessOne. “We’re tremendously excited about our unique value proposition to the marketplace. Our partnership provides a comprehensive approach for helping businesses throughout Canada and the U.S. create sustainable organizational performance. We see it as a powerful and cost-effective way to help clients position their companies for long-term success.”


Up until now, clients have typically come to consulting firms with a specific business problem to address or a project in mind. “The BusinessOne – Noble Advisors collaboration will provide a full range of services to meet those needs, and perhaps more importantly, it will help management decide and prioritize where to focus improvement efforts.  Says Darwin Gillett, founder and president of Noble Advisors, “We will offer clients a comprehensive analysis of the important strategic dimensions of their company, and then help them decide where to focus their time and resources.  Plus we will help them improve that dimension – and tie it effectively to the rest of the company. We believe this will save them money and get them to their goals faster.”

Together Saltern and Gillett will offer clients an assessment of the major strategic dimensions of their company and provide recommendations on the best way(s) to increase capability and sustainable performance. They will also provide advisory services to oversee the implementation of those recommendations to ensure objectives are achieved through change management, communications and executive coaching for those responsible for driving positive change.

Saltern has extensive experience – both working for corporations and through clients – in planning and managing large scale process improvement projects. She is an expert in designing and implementing enterprise change and improvement programs, holds several designations, is a first choice for expert on Customer Relationship Management strategies and solutions in North America and is an active member of several associations.

Gillett has both Fortune 500 and smaller firm experience – both as a consultant and as a member of management. Early in his career, he pioneered in strategic planning, later contributing to clients on productivity and business process improvement, and more recently providing leadership development and executive coaching. He is the author of NOBLE ENTERPRISE: The Commonsense Guide for Uplifting People and Profits, speaks internationally and has designed courses and seminars for the graduate business programs of several leading business schools.

About BusinessOne

BusinessOne is a strategic management consultancy, in Toronto, Canada which helps organizations address the critical components of organizational transformation by assessing and implementing the foundation for strategy execution. It does this through advising and implementing state-of-the-art management systems to plan for, evaluate and implement innovative business and technology solutions to become an agile organization. These solutions create bottom line cost savings and promote sustainable environments of innovation, collaboration, employee and customer centricity.

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