Top Management CHALLENGES in Improving Corporate Performance

Does your company face major challenges in achieving and maintaining high performance? If so, you’re not alone.

In the Conference Board CEO Challenge 2011 Report, over 700 CEOs, presidents and chairmen of leading global organizations, cited the following major business challenges they face today:

  • Business Growth
  • Talent
  • Cost Optimization
  • Innovation
  • Government Regulation

Challenges listed in prior years, 2007 to be specific, were consistent with 2011’s survey, suggesting that these challenges are not going away – and thus that special action is needed to make real progress on these corporate challenges.

In addition to the two challenges listed above, top executives also cited the following:

  • Consistent execution of strategy by top management
  • Profit growth
  • Customer loyalty/retention
  • Stimulating creativity & innovation and enabling entrepreneurship
  • Speed, flexibility, adaptability to change

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Source: Answering the CEO Challenge: Accelerating Growth Through Quality Council Perspectives CP-031 June 2011.

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