Does your company face major challenges in achieving and maintaining high performance? If so, you’re not alone. In the Conference Board CEO Challenge 2011 Report, over 700 CEOs, presidents and chairmen of leading global organizations, cited the following major business challenges they face today:

  • Steady and sustained top-line growth
  • Excellence in execution

Challenges listed in prior years, 2007 to be specific, were consistent with 2011’s survey, suggesting that these challenges are not going away – and thus that special action is needed to make real progress on these corporate challenges. In addition to the two challenges listed above, top executives also cited the following:

  • Consistent execution of strategy by top management
  • Profit growth
  • Customer loyalty / retention
  • Stimulating creativity and innovation, and enabling entrepreneurship
  • Speed, flexibility and adaptability to change

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There are many causes of business decline. Here are some of the major causes cited in another study:

  • Lack of top management vision, passion& commitment
  • Lack of strategic planning or short term and long term strategies
  • Lack of a distinctive business capability and core competency
  • Business blind spots
  • Rigid mindset

See the article on Main Causes of Corporate Failure for further related information.


Our consulting services are designed to help your company make major progress on all of these challenges.

Though management in failing companies tend to blame external factors, such as industry trends, competitors’ actions, and shifting market demands, what they often do not see is the “internal” factors (such as those mentioned above) that set the stage for their demise.

Finding the Right Answer 

Are you looking for ways to address the challenges that other top executives cite – and/or to avoid the typical causes of failure? If so, where do you start?

We can help your company strengthen these internal factors, so that the company will be far less likely to become a statistic in the annals of failed companies. 

As one of our clients observed,

Many consultants have ‘the answer.’ They just want you to ask the right questions. You listen to our real questions, and work with us on them.

Whether you are just starting to think about taking action on these challenges – or know what you want to do, but need outside help to plan and organize the work – or you’ve started working on them, but need further help – call us. We can help no matter what stage you’re at.

ABOUT US: Consultants with a big vision – and a track record of delivering for clients

Dana SalternDana Saltern is well versed in the implementation and use of proprietary methodologies which align corporate strategy, investment, people and business functions. She has served numerous clients on major transformation initiatives which enable corporate sustainability. Dana holds a BA, post-graduate Certificates in International Marketing and Business Project Management and numerous certifications.

noble_darDarwin Gillett is a business author and international speaker on strategies for building competitive advantage and sustainable success. With degrees from Yale and Chicago in economics and business, Dar has pioneered in the field of strategic planning and the leadership of knowledge-based businesses. He provides consulting and executive coaching for leaders of multi-national corporations as well as smaller businesses, helping them lead their companies to new heights.

We have extensive experience helping corporate management in small and large companies strengthen business and management processes for conducting business. We each have a proven ability to:

  • Adopt client objectives and vision as our own and act to manifest them
  • Awaken and energize the desire to make the company number one
  • Work on a wide array of company dimensions to achieve progess
  • See the whole and help clients tie together various parts of their company for greater capability and performance
  • Create collaboration and communication that speeds progress and enhances results

For more information about us individually, see Dana Saltern and Darwin Gillett.

OUR SERVICES Help Management Make Real Progress  

Building on our successful experience with many client companies, we provide a strategic improvement program consisting of a suite of services that will help your company make the progress you desire. Our program includes six components, including:

  1. ASSESSMENT: We conduct an upfront Organizational Maturity Assessment to help companies evaluate how they’re doing on all dimensions of corporate success to identify and prioritize where to best to focus efforts for improvement
  2. DESIGN: We develop a Transformation and Capability Roadmap for improvement and help in planning and designing programs.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION: We provide assistance in overseeing and implementing prioritized programs and initiatives.
  4. INDIVIDUAL STRATEGIC DIMENSIONS: We provide consulting assistance on individual improvement technologies needed to make progress on individual strategic dimensions, where we have the expertise and experience, including:
    • Strategy Development and Execution: including strategic planning processes and framework (Balanced Scorecard)
    • Organizational Change Management and Alignment: top management involvement and creating the case for change
    • Business Process Redesign for Operational Excellence
    • Initiative, Risk Management and Governance
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Human Capital Management
  5. CHANGE MANAGEMENT: We also provide assistance on Preparing and Managing Change to get people throughout the organization on board and operating (and seeing) new ways of working
  6. MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: We provide assistance to managers and executives charged with bringing about change and operating in new ways – including Strategy and Coaching Sessions

GETTING STARTED: Shaping a Working Relationship

We start a relationship with a client by getting to know each other, so we both develop knowledge about each other and how we work. This enables the client to assess how well we will work with their organization. We also use these early meetings to begin shaping what the work will be and developing a plan of action. We do this with the client’s involvement, so that the plan is a joint creation.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn about you and your company. Thus, we invite you to contact us to discuss your goals and challenges and to explore how we would help your company to define your path forward.

Contact us to learn more about our services and/or to schedule an initial meeting.